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The Effects of Psychedelic Breath

A new form of exploring a sober psychedelic state and electronic music: PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® is a dynamic breathwork ritual, designed to let you explore a state of non-ordinary consciousness.


Gain clarity of the mind, lower your stress levels, and unlock the power to manifest the life your truly deserve.

By powerfully using your breath you tap into deeper states of meditation and explore your inner calling.

  • naturally reach a state of non-ordinary consciousness

  • release mental, emotional & energetic blockages

  • expand your perspective by changing your brainwaves into deeper states of meditation

  • silence your inner critical voice and tap into your intuition

  • transform negative emotions

  • explore your inner calling



PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® is a powerful breathwork practice that is not recommended for the following conditions: pregnancy, epilepsy, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, high inner eye pressure, clinical anxiety or panic attacks, psychosis, a history of stroke, recent surgery (wounds, broken bones still healing). By purchasing a ticket you confirm that you are healthy.


1:1 Psychedelic Breath Session

This is for you if you wish to self-heal limiting beliefs, explore your vision and purpose in a 1:1 setting with me.


In our breathwork session, we spend 2 hrs together. I tailor your private PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® journey specifically to your life topics and current purpose question.


You are invited to meet me in person or we meet via zoom.

Language is English

Private Group Breathwork Sessions

Breathwork sessions for birthdays, women circles, private parties and friends circles or hen parties.


If you wish to bring your friends together to deepen your connection, just reach out and we create a touching experience together.


Our breathwork session works beautifully online and in-person.

We practice in English


How to Prepare an Online Session

Thanks to technology, we have found a way to create an impactful PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® experience with good sound quality in the comfort of your home. Here is what to have with you:

  • a blanket or pillow to sit on

  • another blanket to keep you warm

  • headphones or good quality speakers for the best sound experience (we do care about this ;-))

  • if you like: essential oils, sage, palo santo

  • please don’t eat a heavy meal 1.5 hrs before the session

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