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Snugly tucked away in a Californian secret vortex close to the infamous Joshua Tree National Park, this Restival experience titled Your Future Self, is taking place over three nights and four days (May 3-6, 2018). Restival’s Your Future Self is an extended weekend of wonder to recalibrate, transform and assist you to love the life you live. 


With incredible views of the desert and expert collaborators in the fields of meditation, hiking and geology, sound bath, 1-2-1 coaching, yoga, bodywork and spa treatments, special talent will help you fully accept the person you are today, close the gap on where you want to be, and how you're going to get there. 


Restival is the love child born from a festival and a retreat; it is a 5-day event in Arizona, where you disconnect from your busy life by reconnecting to what is truly important.


I am so proud to help curate this truly transformational experience where I also have the privilege of leading the sunrise and sunset yoga sessions.


I am the Global Ambassador for Restival and lead yoga and guided meditation around the world.


Rooftop Restival now brings its transformational experience to your doorstep – for those busy city dwellers that struggle to find a spare week for the Restival flagship event in Arizona, we now run half-day experiences in major conurbations across the States.


We call these satellite experiences Rooftop Restivals.


For Rooftop Restival, I have the honor of curating and leading all yoga and pranayama (breath work).

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