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Lashie’s Poached Whole Chicken

Updated: Mar 2, 2018

“A Triumph” Debbie’s neighbour Jean Han

My 2018 kicked off to a flying start with a 21 day cleanse and I mean a propery cleanse!. Here’s what I gave up:

· sugar

· grains

· dairy

· wheat

· sex

· living in general

However, whenever you give something up, the universe likes to reward us. What came out of it for me, was a new discovery of poaching a whole organic chicken.

I’d heard from friends about how moist the breast meat is when you a poached chicken, but it all sounded a bit bland if I’m completely honest. However, here I was in my dry January trying to fill the clean living evenings trying out new cooking suggestions on my husband and that’s where my love for a poached chicken began, how romantic!

Little did I know how easy and quick this delicious dish is:

5 mins to prep, with just a cook time of 55 mins and voila! you have yourself a moist, juicy chuck chuck that can be utilised all week in an variety of dishes, soups, salads, stir-fries and sandwiches.

With a grand finale of an organic chicken broth for breakfast – what’s not to love???

Here’s the secret to a good old sober night in:


I like to use the following ingredients (I always use organic but it’s a personal choice) and you can also use whatever veg you have squirreled away in the fridge. All you need is a large pot - once all ingredients are in the pot, top with filtered water (not San Pelligrino) and cover with a lid. Happy days!


1 X Whole Chicken (I buy with giblets as I throw it in when boiling to add goodness to the stock)

1 x Onion

4 x Carrots – I wash them but don’t peel and then cut into big chunks

2 x Celery Sticks

3 x Garlic Bulbs

1 x Tsp salt

6 x whole peppercorns

Shake in some mixed Italian herbs but you could use a sprig of fresh rosemary or a bay leaf if you’re feeling super creative.

Once cooked, remove chicken from the stock, shred the chicken from the bones and set aside.

Then drain the broth from vegetables using a colander/sieve, throw veg away and once cooled you can refrigerate or freeze the stock.

Consume with delight on a Saturday night!

It’s that easy to have a Happy Meal and a Happy Husband.


Lashie x

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