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The Five R's Of Gut Health


Entails the removal of all foods that an individual may be having a reaction, intolerance or other sensitivity to when ingested. Common examples include: gluten, dairy, processed foods and red meat.


This has to do with enzyme deficiency typical of GI distress. When an individual has a reaction to a specific food, it is likely due to an enzyme deficiency which leads to lack of protein catabolism. In order to palliate this deficit and improve digestion, a health care provider will aid the individual in replacing the missing enzymes with things such as digestive enzymes.


Put simply means to rebuild the gut flora with healthy bacterial strains through the incorporation of probiotics and fermented foods such as miso soup, kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt and more


In order to repair the gut, it is important that the individual consume things like bone broth, collagen powder and L-glutamine as the diverse amino acid profiles help to seal the gaps and heal the gut lining


Is more about lifestyle modification and adopting stress relieving habits such as breath work, mediation, physical activity and work/life balance. Remember you can do all the food stuff but if you don't take care of the stress then it will take longer to heal.

If you know you have gut health issues and not sure where to start then please reach out for a free one to one consultation of how I can support you on your journey taking back control of your health


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